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17 February 2014

Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills Looking Forward to Tomorrowworld Coming Back for Second Year

(Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed)
If you were one of the nearly 150,000 people who attended the inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld, you may have spotted the man pictured right. His name is Tom Reed and he's the Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills.

Mayor Reed was present at some point for all three days of the massive electronic dance music festival that came to his neck of the woods last September; and he's looking forward to Tomorrowworld's second edition this September.

Georgia Unfiltered interviewed Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed about his reactions and impressions of Tomorrowworld, as well as the preparations the city is taking to welcome back thousands of music fans to their second home.

Georgia Unfiltered: With ticket sales for the second edition of Tomorrowworld going on sale this week, we want to get your reaction to last year's festival. What did you think of it? Did the inaugural Tomorrowworld meet or exceed your expectations?

Mayor Tom Reed: I thought it was fantastic. Well done, hugely entertaining, and given the size of the event, the impacts were minimal. As you might expect, I was a little worried about the impact that the crowds would have, but it was not nearly as bad as we would have thought. They did a great job with traffic management - jams were minimal.

GU: How did the City of Chattahoochee Hills prepare for the large influx of people so close to the municipal limits? Were they any traffic incidents or arrests related to the festival?

TR: Our Police Department coordinated with Fulton County and the promoters, so everyone was well-prepared for the traffic flows and timing. There were very few problems - certainly no more traffic tickets than you would have had had that number of people passed through normally over the course of a couple of weeks. The biggest problem that we saw was folks coming in trying to 'game' the arrival directions, and getting lost because they chose not to follow the signs. Some of our residents set up camp in their front yards to help people find their way!

GU: How is your city preparing for this year's festival? Did you receive any concerns or complaints from Chattahoochee Hills residents during the 2013 festival?

TR: We are once again working with Fulton County and the promoters to get ready - applying the lessons learned last year to make the whole thing even more pain free. There will probably be more temporary signs to help people who miss their turn. But all in all, there were very few complaints.

GU: Did you attend Tomorrowworld any of the three days?

TR: I did go. I was there for some part of all three days. I was impressed by the crowd - fun, mellow, friendly. There was less obvious drug activity than any concert I've ever been to in Atlanta, or Music Midtown for that matter. It was actually a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it coming back! One thing I thought was interesting was that the attendance obviously built over the course of the three days. I take that as a read on the very positive buzz. As people heard that it was a great show, they snapped up any unsold tickets and came down for the day. That's a pretty good endorsement!

GU: Has there been a calculation of the economic impact Tomorrowworld had on the city?

TR: It was limited here. We have so little to catch them... The couple of local stores had a good weekend, and the Inn was sold out, but it certainly wasn't a windfall for us.