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17 February 2014

Leader of South Fulton Cityhood Movement Fined Repeatedly by State Ethics Commission

Meet Benny Crane.

He's the leader of the nascent movement to create a city of South Fulton. Crane is also a perennial candidate for public office in south Fulton County; having run for state House and state Senate three times, but never garnering more than 20% of the vote.

Georgia requires all candidates for public office to file campaign finance disclosures so the public can see who's giving to candidates like Benny Crane, and how those candidates are spending their campaign cash.

Crane has been fined repeatedly by the State Ethics Commission, dating back to his first campaign for office in 2002, for failing to file his campaign finance reports on time.

According to the invoices found on the Ethics Commission website (pictured below), Crane owes $775 in fines for not filing his reports on time.

In addition, according to the State Ethics Commission, Crane reported having $11,128.30 cash on hand 30 June 2012 for his state House campaign. However, on his subsequent 30 September 2012 campaign finance disclosure, Crane reported having zero contributions, zero expenditures, and zero cash on hand, raising transparency questions about where the $11,128.30 from the 30 June disclosure went and how it was spent.

South Fulton United, the organization headed by Benny Crane to push through the city of South Fulton initiative, has yet to open their books and disclose their funding sources.