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19 February 2014

Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Voted to Keep Confederate Flag Flying Over State

These days, it seems like everyone is talking a license plate, sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, that features the Confederate battle emblem [Gupta, Prachi (19 February 2014). Georgia approves Confederate Flag license plate. Salon. Retrieved on 19 February 2014.].

(Obama judicial nominee Mike Boggs and Georgia Democratic Party chair DuBose Porter both voted to keep this flag flying.)
We here at Georgia Unfiltered pride ourselves on our knowledge of Georgia history. And we frequently refer to this great state's illustrious history to give our readers the proper perspective and context of present day events.

Thirteen years ago, Georgia changed its flag. In fact, thirteen years ago this Friday, Governor Roy Barnes signed House Bill 16 into law, removing the St. Andrew's Cross (more commonly known as the Confederate battle flag) from its prominent position on the state banner of Georgia.

DuBose Porter was counted among the 82 votes against removing the Confederate flag from Georgia's flag [Georgia. General Assembly. House. (2001). House Journal, Volume 1, pgs 206 - 207.].

Three years later, DuBose Porter sponsored a bill to designate the 1956 Georgia flag, complete with its Confederate battle emblem, as the "Georgia Memorial Flag."

Porter, who served in the state House from 1983 to 2010, put his name by House Resolution 1442. In addition to identifying the 1956 flag as the "Georgia Memorial Flag," H.R. 1442 also required the flag be flown over the state capitol building on Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee's birthday.

House Resolution 1442 never made it out of committee.

Porter is now the chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia; no doubt rejoicing privately that a flag he defended so much during his tenure in the legislature has returned to a prominent position on official Georgia regalia.