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08 January 2014

Why Does the NAACP Always Want Black Folks to Give Up Their Guns?

Last December, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined with NAACP representatives to announce a gun buyback program later this month [Shapiro, Jonathan (16 December 2013). Atlanta Leaders Organize Gun Buyback Inititiative As State Pols Look To Ease Restrictions. WABE-FM. Retrieved on 8 January 2014.].

This is the second gun buyback scheme organized by the NAACP within the past year. The first was held in the south Fulton County city of College Park last February [Connell and Griffin (9 March 2013). Huge turnout for College Park gun buyback program. WGCL-TV. Retrieved on 8 January 2014.].

There are two constants in these guy buyback programs: 1.) They are sponsored by the NAACP; and 2.) They are held in predominantly black communities. So it begs to question; why does the NAACP always want black folks to give up their guns?

An even better question is this:

Why does the NAACP always seem to run to the black community offering $100 gift cards or tickets to a Ludacris concert in exchange for a $200- $300+ gun?

Is there a concerted effort by the NAACP to disarm black folks? Only they can answer that question. But if there is not a concerted effort by the NAACP to disarm law-abiding blacks, then the NAACP must also answer when their organization will hold gun buyback programs in majority white communities like Gainesville, Canton, or Sandy Springs? If the NAACP truly believes their rhetoric, calling for fewer guns on the streets, then those streets cannot just be black. The NAACP needs to go to the white streets of Fayette County and offer those people Hannah Montana tickets in exchange for a Glock.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Peachtree City gun buyback program. It will never happen.

Contrary to what the NAACP may believe, the answer to ending America's so-called culture of violence is not to disarm law-abiding citizens.

There is no simple answer to reducing violence.

But as long as violence is out there; as long as there are bad guys wanting to harm the good guys, the law-abiding people of every color should not participate in these foolish gun buyback schemes that leaves them vulnerable to becoming a victim of violent crime.