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28 January 2014

White Lawmakers Patronizingly Propose to Name Majority Black City After Martin Luther King

Today, state Representative Ed Lindsey and other Republican lawmakers began their outreach program to the black community.

Lindsey issued a press release suggesting that the proposed city of South Fulton be named after Georgia-native Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Many local communities and the State of Georgia have rightly honored the late civil rights leader and native son with street names and statues. It is time to take it one step further and name a city after him," Rep. Lindsey said in a press release. "As a co-sponsor of the proposed new City of South Fulton, I believe a more proper name of the new city would be King, Georgia.

"Rep. Lindsey’s name suggestion is supported by other members of the Fulton Republican Delegation, including Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones (R-Milton), and State Representatives Wendell Willard (R-Sandy Springs), Joe Wilkinson (R-Atlanta), Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell), Tom Rice (R-Norcross), and Mike Jacobs (R-Brookhaven)," the release continued.

Reps. Lindsey, Geisinger, Jacobs, Jones, Rice, Wilkinson, and Willard are all white.

The demographics of the proposed city of South Fulton is 91% black.

A group of white lawmakers want to name a majority black city in honor of a black man. Rep. Lindsey and his colleagues might as well just put up a sign that says, "Caution: Negroes live here."

One wonders if they even realize how patronizing and condescending their name suggestion sounds. Lindsey and his friends probably think this is a good idea. It's not.

If Rep. Lindsey or Rep. Jan Jones wants to name something in honor of Martin Luther King, they may be better served by affixing the King name to something in their community. Maybe the City of Johns Creek should be called the City of King's Creek. Instead of Buckhead, the name King Head may work better. Whatever the name is, it should be decided by the local community, and make no mistake, Rep. Lindsey is not a member of the south Fulton community.

He lives miles away in Buckhead.