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06 January 2014

U.S. Senate Candidate Asks If Georgia Republicans Have Any Room for a Mainstream Candidate

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Art Gardner wants to know if there's any room in the Georgia Republican Party for mainstream candidates.

Citing the increasing polarization of national and state politics, Gardner's campaign said many mainstream candidates will be left on the outside looking in. However, the East Cobb Republican campaign's says that their candidate hopes to prove that a self-described “mainstream” candidate can win the GOP primary where every other person is battling for the title of most conservative.

"In this primary, the right edge of our party is going to be split several ways, while I will appeal to the vast middle, what I call the mainstream Georgia voters. There are more folks in the middle than on the edges and I fully expect to win this race," Art Gardner says.

"Gardner is running on a platform of fixing the budget deficits by cutting spending, restoring bi-partisanship, and protecting individual responsibility/individual freedoms, a campaign press release reads. "His libertarian-like approach to social issues such as marriage equality and reproductive rights will appeal to a younger, more moderate demographic, but will be a harder sell to arch-conservatives."

According to Federal Elections Commission (FEC), the Gardner campaign filed a Statement of Organization 23 October 2013, but has not yet reported raising any money for the race.

Gardner is one of several candidates vying for the Georgia Republican Party nomination to succeed retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss.