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23 January 2014

U.S. Census Bureau: Georgia Ranked 10th Nationwide in Education Spending for 2012

The United States Census Bureau released data, Thursday, showing that Georgia is among the top ten states in education spending for fiscal year 2012.

According to the 2012 Annual Survey of State Government Finances --which shows revenues, expenditures, debt, and cash and security holdings for each state as well as a national summary of state government finances-- Georgia spent more than 45% of its budget on education.

In terms of actual dollars, the Census Bureau reports Georgia spent $17.2 billion on education two years ago. Only nine other states --California ($72,709,788,000), Texas ($49,004,218,000), New York ($41,988,956,000), Florida ($22,973,286,000), Michigan ($22,912,611,000), Pennsylvania ($22,021,320,000), Ohio ($21,068,295,000), North Carolina ($19,600,485,000), and Illinois ($17,242,182,000)-- spent more.

Governor Nathan Deal, in his annual State of the State address, pledged to increase Georgia's educational spending for fiscal year 2014 [Cassidy (15 January 2014). Deal outlines spending priorities in speech. Atlanta Journal Constitution. Retrieved on 23 January 2014.]. Jason Carter, Deal's likely general election opponent, said Deal's "failure to prioritize education spending is among the primary reasons for Georgia's lackluster economy" [Downey (15 January 2014). Jason Carter: Deal's education budget is 'shell game'. AJC Get Schooled Blog. Retrieved on 23 January 2014.].