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20 January 2014

State Senator Wants to See South Fulton Feasibility Study, But Says It Hasn't Been Paid for Yet

State Senator Donzella James (D - College Park) believes her south Fulton constituents should have the right to determine their own destiny.

She also wants to see the feasibility study, determining whether the proposed city of South Fulton can be financially viable. There's only one problem. The study hasn't been paid for yet.

Lawmakers, including Senator James, have told Georgia Unfiltered and Home Rule News that the pro-city group South Fulton United still have not raised the funds to pay for the feasibility study being done by the Georgia State University Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

"I don't know if it exists, Senator James said bluntly. "They say it exists, but they say they haven't come up with the money to pay for it."

South Fulton United member Harold Reid said the study would be ready between 8 January and 15 January. Both dates have come and gone. Benny Crane, who heads up South Fulton United, told Georgia Unfiltered and Home Rule News that the feasibility study would be released sometime this week.

State Senator Donzella James and other lawmakers representing south Fulton, including Rep. Sharon Beasley-Teague and Sen. Vincent Fort, say they want to see the numbers before deciding the best way to proceed on the proposed city of South Fulton.

View our entire interview with state Senator Donzella James below:

Sen. Donzella James talks the proposed city of South Fulton