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06 January 2014

State Representative Says South Fulton Cityhood Group Still Raising Funds for Feasibility Study

State Representative Roger Bruce (D - Atlanta), the lawmaker behind the new bill to create the City of South Fulton, says the feasibility study for the proposed municipality hasn't been paid for yet.

In an email exchange with a Thaxton Pointe Homeowners' Association member, Bruce said the pro-city group South Fulton United are "in the process of raising the money to cover the cost of the study."

Each proposed city, from Sandy Springs to Brookhaven, provided a feasibility study to both the public and the Georgia General Assembly answering the basic question of whether the new government could stand on its own two feet.

Rep. Bruce seemed to further suggest in the email that the proposed city of South Fulton did not need a feasibility study.

"You have been receiving the city services from the county without subsidy from any source for at least the past 10 years," Bruce wrote in the email to the Thaxton Pointe Homeowners' Association member. "So you already know the cost."

A Georgia Unfiltered review of the revenues and expenditures in unincorporated south Fulton show that the community of an estimated 87,628 residents frequently ran deficits to pay for city services such as police, fire, and code enforcement. These deficits were only covered through property tax increases.

"You and I have been paying into a special tax fund for about the same amount of time that is used to cover the cost of those services so you know the the amount of income we have and we also know how much money we don't get as our fair share of sales tax revenue and the other fees that we don't collect because we are not a city. So the study is a formality. We already have the information," Bruce concluded.

The comments from the Atlanta lawmaker came in response to a query concerning the date the feasibility study, determining the financial viability of the proposed the city of South Fulton, would be released.