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07 January 2014

South Fulton United: Our Team of Professionals Concluded City of South Fulton Financially Viable

South Fulton United --the group that's been plagued with community concerns of openness, honesty, and transparency-- says their "team of professionals that have Government budgeting experience" concluded the proposed city of South Fulton can be financially viable.

In an email exchange, obtained by Georgia Unfiltered, South Fulton United President Benny Crane told community activists if the City of South Fulton is established, revenues from the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST), user fees and franchise fees would conceivably provide for a surplus in the new municipality.

"Taxes will not go up because the new city is formed," Crane writes.

Unincorporated south Fulton County, an area of an estimated 87,628 residents, currently has a property tax rate of 12.469; which is higher than tax rates [in parentheses] in Atlanta (10.240), Chattahoochee Hills (10.958), Fairburn (9.98), Palmetto (8.50), and Union City (10.598).

South Fulton property taxes have more than doubled since 2007; going from 5.659 to 12.469.

Additionally, a review of Fulton County budget documents suggests that even with some of the highest property taxes in Fulton County, unincorporated south Fulton frequently spends more money than it takes in.

Responding to criticisms that forming a new city may not be a cure-all, South Fulton United President Benny Crane said, "I would not mislead or advocate for anything that would hurt my community. I have dedicated my life to improve our community and oppose any measures that would harm us."

Crane says his organization took many hours and much effort to raise the funds to start the feasibility study demonstrating the financial viability of the proposed city of South Fulton.

"The feasibility study required by Law is under way, and will be completed soon," Crane says. "The draft results are very encouraging."