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08 January 2014

South Fulton Lawmaker Snaps at Community Activist, Accuses Others of Lacking Vision & Courage

The debate over cityhood in unincorporated south Fulton County is getting heated, with a state legislator accusing those questioning whether the new municipality is financially viable of lacking both vision and courage.

The exchange started when Sandtown community resident Harvey Davis asked if the City of South Fulton feasibility study had been released yet.

"How does anyone make an informed decision about making a purchase when they don’t know how much it costs and how much money they have?," Davis queried.

Thaxton Pointe Homeowners' Association Legislative Committee Chairman Harry King said he would forward the question to both South Fulton United, the group promoting cityhood in unincorporated south Fulton County, and Representative Bruce -- the author of House Bill 704; a bill that would create the City of South Fulton in unincorporated Fulton County.

Bruce responded, "Harry, This is not rocket science.

I understand the normal human tendency to fear the unknown, but we have the information. The question that we really need to be asking is will we continue to let those without vision and courage to continue to scare us into allowing others to determine our future and that of our children. Let's stop the conversation of how this is not good for us and focus on the many possibilities this affords us if we do do it."

Thaxton Pointe Homeowners' Association Legislative Committee Chairman Harry King chided Representative Roger Bruce in an email, Monday, for answering the question of the proposed city's finances in an unprofessional manner.

"Sir," King emailed to Bruce, "The people (voters) would hope that you would cease the condescending attacks on the integrity of the people's questions! At the end of the day, we should encourage people's input and questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question."

The entire email exchange between state Representative Roger Bruce and Thaxton Pointe Homeowners' Association Legislative Committee Chairman Harry King can be seen below.

Bruce and other south Fulton lawmakers will face the people's questions later this week at a town hall meeting.

The Cascade Patch reports, "House and Senate members representing South Fulton County will hold a public hearing on 9 January 2014 at Westlake High School, 2700 Union Road, SW Atlanta 30331, beginning at 6PM.

"This will be the first-time, in the new 2014 legislative session, for South Fulton residents to officially let their voices be heard on whether or not they think South Fulton should be a city on its own."