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08 January 2014

Savannah Morning News on Obama's Class Warfare: There He Goes Again

The Savannah Morning News weighed in Wednesday morning on Barack Obama's remarks at the White House, urging Congress to extend emergency unemployment benefits.

The Chatham County paper is not happy that Democrats have yet to explain how they plan on paying for this latest spending bill.

Here are some excerpts:

There he goes again.

When in doubt, play the sympathy card. Paint yourself as St. Barack and your foes as heartless cheapskates.

. . . fresh off his year-end trip to Hawaii . . . the president said, “Voting for unemployment insurance helps people and creates jobs,” flanked by 18 people the White House said either lost their unemployment benefits when the federal program expired after Christmas or have benefited from the program in the past.

If this measure, which Mr. Obama supports, came with offsets and paid for itself, then it would be less offensive. But it doesn’t. Instead, it adds another barrel of red ink to the public’s ledger.

Americans need a president and Congress who will team up to put people to work, rather than putting Uncle Sam in the poor house.

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