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11 January 2014

Sandy Springs Law Lets Mayor Rusty Paul Buy a Dildo, But Everyone Else is Prohibited

(Only police officers and politicians can purchase this Mighty Thor Vibrator in Sandy Springs)
It seems that the only way anyone can purchase a sex toy in the north Fulton County city of Sandy Springs is by being elected to public office.

After seeing a report on WSB-TV detailing an ordinance that "would require a doctor’s note to purchase sexual devices in the city limits", Georgia Unfiltered decided to do a little research.

Below is the actual language from the Sandy Springs Code of Ordinances --

"A person commits the offense of distributing obscene material when the following occurs:

(1) He sells, rents, or leases to any person any obscene material of any description, knowing the obscene nature thereof, or offers to do so, or possesses such material with the intent to do so, provided that the word 'knowing,' as used in this section, shall be deemed to be either actual or constructive knowledge of the obscene contents of the subject matter

Under Sandy Springs' laws, obscene material is defined as "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs." That means dildos, Sybians, sex dolls, Flesh Lights are all obscene in the city of Sandy Springs, and therefore it is illegal for any person to sell, rent, or lease their sex toys to any other person.

As usual, the politicians carved out an exception for themselves.

"It is an affirmative defense under this section that selling, renting, or leasing the material was done for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purpose."

In plain and ordinary English, a sex toy store in Sandy Springs can sell Sybians, dildos, Flesh Lights, and other adult products to scientists, doctors, teachers, senators, representatives, city council members, mayors, judges, police officers, and public libraries.

Under the law, any Sandy Springs city council member can purchase a dildo and say it was done for a legislative purpose; screwing the people.

This Sandy Springs law was adopted after former council member Dianne Fries and Mayor Rusty Paul, who was a city council member at the time, pushed the ordinance through in 2009.