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21 January 2014

Porter Lectures Deal Over MLK Pledge Despite Sponsoring Bill to Keep Confederate Flag Over Capitol

The AJC Political Insider reported Tuesday that Georgia Democratic Party chairman DuBose Porter scoffed at Governor Deal's pledge to "find an appropriate way to honor Dr. King on our Capitol Hill."

Porter released a statement that read in part:

"If Republicans have had an election year epiphany and want to honor Dr. King’s legacy, honor him by making significant and sincere investments in equal opportunity for our people,” continued Chairman Porter. “Honor his legacy by repealing Georgia’s discriminatory Voter ID laws, some of the harshest in the nation. Honor his legacy by expanding Medicaid to provide quality affordable health care for all Georgians. Honor his legacy by giving all Georgians the right to lead a private life, free of persecution and politicization. Honor his legacy by guaranteeing workers a living wage and a fair shot at working their way in to the middle class.”

Galloway, Bluestein and Malloy (21 January 2014). State lawmaker: ‘Some’ rural Georgia hospitals need to close. AJC Political Insider. Retrieved on 21 January 2014.

Porter's protestations ring hollow.

Remember, when DuBose Porter was Speaker Pro Tempore of the Georgia House, he voted to ban gay marriage twice. Porter also sponsored legislation designating the Confederate flag as the "Georgia Memorial Flag", and requiring it to be flown over the State Capitol building.

Porter will likely release a statement again declaring that he's "evolved" since then. Democrats will continue to give Porter a free pass on his legislative record. Regardless of what Porter and the Democrats may say or do, the record speaks for itself. DuBose Porter wanted the Confederate flag to fly over the State Capitol, and someone whose name is next to something like that has no business lecturing others about honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.