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03 January 2014

Nat'l Black Chamber of Commerce President Says America's Racist Labor Unions are Still Racist

It's 2014; an election year in Georgia.

Labor unions are gearing up to turn out the vote among traditional Democrat constituencies; mainly black folks.

However, Harry C. Alford, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce says the unions haven't changed much since the 1970s, when Republican Richard Nixon ordered the AFL-CIO integrated if they wanted federal contracts from the government.

It was the early 1970s and my mentor, the late Arthur Fletcher, received the “green light” from Secretary of Labor George Schultz and President Richard Nixon to integrate the construction workforce on federally regulated projects. Construction unions were livid about this. AFL-CIO president George Meany demanded the firing of Schultz and the immediate shutdown of this program. President Nixon ignored him and Art kicked off the program in Philadelphia – The Philadelphia Plan. The second city was Chicago.

When the federal government initiated the Chicago Plan and directed the union to accept additional blacks, the union’s head complained that “big brother government came in and told us that we had to accept blacks and the rest of the minorities.” When a black pipefitter decided to run for a union position, the same union head complained that “this has been a white man’s union.”

So now, we come from the early 1970s to the current 2013 and the racist unions are still racist. They need to change or cease their existence.

Construction trades still discriminate against Blacks and this is what sickens me when President Obama demands union only projects (Project Labor Agreements) along with many other ignorant or sell out Black politicians, officials and traditional civil rights organizations. Is the union money (sponsorships, donations, etc.) that good? Let’s stay in court until it finally changes.

Alford, Harry (30 December 2014). A History of Union Racism. Atlanta Daily World. Retrieved on 3 January 2014.

Let's be clear. The unions are not the least bit interested in helping black Georgians or any other black person in America. They simply want to collect black union dollars and black membership cards.

It's past time someone brought attention to the racist unions, their racist history, and their racists ways.