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02 January 2014

Fulton County Commissioner Hosting Meeting on Annexation and Incorporation in South Fulton

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards, who represents unincorporated south Fulton on the Board of Commissioners, is hosting a meeting on annexation and incorporation for residents in his district.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 16 January 2014, at the South Fulton Service Center. The meeting starts at 6:30PM.

Edwards is holding the meeting in response to the bill by state Representative Roger Bruce (D - Atlanta) to create the city of South Fulton out of the remaining unincorporated area left in Georgia's largest county.

Six years ago, when south Fulton first debated becoming a city, Commissioner Edwards came out strongly against the movement; distributing a flyer to his constituents that said, "As your district commissioner, I have reviewed all of the facts and strongly believe that we should remain unincorporated at this time."

South Fulton voters sided with Edwards in 2007, rejecting the proposed city 85% to 15%.