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06 January 2014

A Comeback 150 Years in the Making: Modern Whig Party Begins Organizing in Georgia

154 years after coming apart over the slavery issue, the Whig Party is staging a comeback.

Adel, Georgia resident Aulton White sent word that the state Whig Party is holding an organizing meeting 11 January 2014.

Founded in 1833, the Whig Party once counted four Presidents --William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore-- as members. The Whigs faded into history, after deep divisions within party ranks over the expansion of slavery into new American territories, resulted in the Party faithful switching parties (i.e., Abraham Lincoln who was a Whig before joining the Republican Party) or leaving politics altogether.

The Georgia Whig Party calls for the development of alternative energy sources, a ban on politicians and/or their staff working as lobbyists for three years after leaving office, and school choice in its platform.

Georgia law defines political parties as any political organization which at the preceding:

(A) Gubernatorial election nominated a candidate for Governor and whose candidate for Governor at such election polled at least 20 percent of the total vote cast in the state for Governor; or

(B) Presidential election nominated a candidate for President of the United States and whose candidates for presidential electors at such election polled at least 20 percent of the total vote cast in the nation for that office.

All other political organizations are known as political bodies in the state of Georgia.