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16 December 2013

Survey Conducted by Fulton Commissioner Suggests South Fulton Still Not Ready for Cityhood

Monday evening, Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards entered the debate over cityhood in unincorporated south Fulton County.

In an email to constituents, Edwards wrote, "On December 9, 2013, State Representative Roger Bruce (D-61) introduced House Bill 704. I have received numerous calls about this legislation and recently spoke with WSB-TV to discuss the issue. In the near future, I plan to hold a town hall meeting to formally hear from my constituents about this bill. In the interim, I would like to get your initial thoughts about HB 704 and whether or not you would be in support of the bill."

Commissioner Edwards then provided a link to a poll, where people were asked if they supported forming the proposed City of South Fulton.

At the time of this post, 943 votes were cast in this completely unscientific poll. Below are the results:

To participate in the poll on south Fulton cityhood, sponsored by Commissioner Bill Edwards, click here.

Six years ago, when south Fulton first debated becoming a city, Commissioner Edwards came out strongly against the movement; distributing a flyer (pictured right) to his constituents that said, "As your district commissioner, I have reviewed all of the facts and strongly believe that we should remain unincorporated at this time."

South Fulton voters sided with Edwards, rejecting the proposed city 85% to 15%. With the push for south Fulton cityhood beginning anew, Edwards' support for the initiative is considered by some to be crucial towards its passage.