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28 December 2013

State Teamsters Leader Lowers the Level of Discourse with Profane Language & Childish Insults

A wise person once said, "We can disagree without being disagreeable."

Simply put, it means two people can have differences of opinion without hurling insults, personal attacks, and caustic language at each other.

For example, Democrats in Georgia believe 2014 may be their year to reclaim a majority in this state. I, and a few other people, believe Georgia Democrats have enjoyed too much of the egg nog this holiday season; and it has skewed their thinking.

Georgia Teamsters union leader Eric Robertson obviously disagrees, and that is his prerogative. But 28 December, Robertson crossed that line of disagreeing without being disagreeable when he hurled profane and childish insults towards the editor of this site.

One wonders if this is how all Teamsters act; responding to genuine policy disagreements with bad words and name calling?

Given the Teamsters' history of violence, it is fortunate that the Georgia Teamsters' official tweets did not include threats of bodily harm.

Georgia Teamsters leader Eric Robertson should heed the wisdom of others, and remember that yes, we can disagree without being disagreeable.