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10 December 2013

House Bill 704: The City of South Fulton Bill Pre-Filed by State Representative Roger Bruce

9 December 2013, state Representative Roger Bruce (D - Atlanta) pre-filed House Bill 704; a bill to incorporate the City of South Fulton in Fulton County.

The legislation, which is 46 pages long, calls for the cityhood referendum to be held in conjunction with the 2014 General Primary. State lawmakers are expected to move the General Primary from its current date in July to an earlier date, presumably 20 May, as part of an agreement made with a federal judge to give military and overseas voters more time to cast their absentee ballots.

If approved by voters, the City of South Fulton would then elect a mayor and seven city council members in the November 2014 General Election. The city would formally come into existence on 1 January 2015, and there would be a two-year period to transition various government functions from Fulton County to the City of South Fulton.

With an estimated population of 87,628, unincorporated south Fulton represents about 9.5% of the total Fulton County population. A wave of municipalization between 2005 and 2007 --resulting in the new cities of Chattahoochee Hills, Johns Creek, Milton, and Sandy Springs-- left south Fulton standing alone as the only unincorporated area in Georgia's largest county.

Six years ago, unincorporated south Fulton County was asked if they wanted to become the City of South Fulton. The answer was a loud no, with 85% rejecting the proposed city.