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05 December 2013

Has the Georgia Democratic Women President "Evolved" on Gay Marriage Like DuBose Porter?

Ten years ago next year, the Georgia General Assembly submitted to voters Senate Resolution 595; a proposed constitutional amendment that said "This state shall recognize as marriage only the union of man and woman. Marriages between persons of the same sex are prohibited in this state."

It is well known that quite a few Democrats voted to place S.R. 595 on the November 2004 General Election ballot. In fact, the author of this post was an intern at the State Capitol when gay marriage was banned in Georgia, and remembers the entire ordeal quite well.

Current Georgia Democratic Party chairman DuBose Porter voted twice to ban gay marriage in 2004, while he was a member of the state legislature. However, shortly after being elected Democratic Party of Georgia, Porter said, "My opinion on marriage equality has evolved like most everyone else’s in the country. People need the right to marry who they love. Period."

With those three simple sentences from Porter, GLBT activists like the Atlanta Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Political Co-Chair Anthony Kreis and openly gay state Democratic committee member Dustin Baker seemingly absolved DuBose Porter from his past sins against Georgia's gay and lesbian community.

So much for the principled left, right?

Instead of focusing on Porter's work and record, the gay rights community focused on his words and rhetoric.

To quote former Georgia Governor Zell Miller, "Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are. How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside."

DuBose Porter cannot hide from his votes to use government to impose his moral views on everyone else. And Georgia Federation of Democratic Women President Gail Buckner cannot hide from her votes either.

At the time gay marriage was banned in Georgia, Gail Buckner was a member of the state House of Representatives. Twice, Buckner was asked if government should be used to legislate morality. And twice, Buckner said yes.

Pictured below are the vote counts from Senate Resolution 595; Georgia's gay marriage ban:

Given Gail Buckner's past votes against gay marriage, one could facetiously ask if Buckner has "evolved" like DuBose Porter on the issue. In response to that facetious query, the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women President would probably issue a flowery statement that says she has indeed evolved. And more than likely, the GLBT activists would accept Gail Buckner's word and absolve her from guilt. And that speaks volumes to the principles of Georgia's GLBT activists; because all it took for Georgia's GLBT activists to forgive someone who voted to ban gay marriage were a few flowery words and some lofty rhetoric.