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15 December 2013

Georgia Unfiltered Drives the Debate in South Fulton County

Two stories that began with original reporting by Georgia Unfiltered crossed over into the mainstream media this month.

Friday, after five months of exclusive coverage by Georgia Unfiltered, WSB-TV (channel 2) picked up the news that there is a renewed push to create the City of South Fulton in unincorporated Fulton County.

In addition, organizers of the Airport West Community Improvement District (CID) credited Georgia Unfiltered with sparking a round of television news coverage questioning why Fulton County Tax Commissioner Arthur Ferdinand did not certify their efforts, costing the group more than $6 million in funding for much needed projects and improvements in the area.

Keep logging on to Georgia Unfiltered,, as we continue to drive the debate in South Fulton County, and prepare for the 2014 legislative session under the Gold Dome.