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02 December 2013

Atlanta's Peach Drop New Year's Eve Celebration Leaves a lot to be Desired

With twenty-nine days left until New Year's Eve, the planning for celebrations across America have started.

Dick Clark Productions announced last week that their annual New Year's Rockin' Eve, hosted by Ryan Secrest, will feature performances from Jason Derulo, Fall Out Boy, Jennifer Hudson, Enrique Iglesias, and Robin Thicke.

Back in the capital of the New South, however, the lineup for the 25th annual Atlanta Peach Drop celebration remains largely unknown. If past Peach Drops are any guide though, Atlanta's 2014 New Year's Eve celebration will leave a lot to be desired.

In recent years, the event touted as the "largest New Year's Eve Celebration in the Southeast" has treated revelers with washed-up headliners such as Tito Jackson, Morris Day and the Time, and Kansas. Peach Drop 2013 featured a headline performance from Abbey Road Live, a Beatles tribute band. That's right. In a state that produced popular artists like Ludacris, Usher, Alan Jackson, and Widespread Panic, the best Peach Drop planners could do in 2013 was a Beatles tribute band.

That speaks volumes about the so-called "largest New Year's Eve Celebration in the Southeast," especially when one considers the number of marquee artists who have held concerts in Atlanta over the past year.

It is past time Peach Drop organizers realize that has-beens and tribute bands is not the way to build a lasting New Year's Eve celebration. When presented with the option of standing outside in the cold for hours just to see Tito Jackson or staying inside and watching Ryan Secrest on the television, most people will choose the latter.

As Peach Drop organizers finalize their plans for 2014, they should take a page from the Cher book. They should make the Peach Drop so fabulous, and then, once the clock strikes midnight, organizers should say, "Follow this, you bitches."

That is the way any annual event should be organized. It should be bigger and better than the previous year's show, so that people will come from miles around, asking, "How are those bitches going to follow up on last year's awesome show?"