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04 December 2013

ATL Company Says Most Folks Want Real Christmas Tree Smell, Before Hawking Fake Tree Fragrance

An Atlanta based company calling themselves ScentSicles pointed to poll numbers Wednesday that said 85% of people believe the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree makes it feel like the holidays.

Fortunately for the vast majority of people who long for that real tree smell, ScentSicles has a fake tree fragrance just like Grandma used to make.

ScentSicles are the first scented ornaments that, according to the company, "effectively and authentically make any tree smell fresh-cut" -- even if that tree is as fake as the one sitting in the parking lot of the Macy's store Lenox Square. Headquartered in Atlanta and made in the United States, ScentSicles scented ornaments are 5.5 inches long and made from natural fibers from sustainable resources that have been infused with pure fragrance oil, offering an authentic, simple and mess-free way to enhance the scent of the holidays.

So go ahead and discreetly hang ScentSicles on your tree, take a deep breath, and smell what you've been missing all these years. Because, after all, going to a Christmas tree farm and picking out a real tree that comes with its own real smell is so old-fashioned.