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06 November 2013

Tell Macy's a Fake Tree is Not a Great Tree

From its beginnings atop the famed Crystal Bridge at Rich's Department Store in downtown Atlanta to its Lenox Square relocation after a short stint at Underground Atlanta, people across the south celebrated the arrival of the holiday season in Atlanta with the lighting of the Great Tree for over six decades on Thanksgiving night.

Email or call Macy's Vice President Melissa Goff. Tell her to do right by Atlanta, and keep a great, real tree atop the Macy's store at Lenox Square.
(305) 577-2171

Part of what made this annual Atlanta tradition special was the tree selected each year as the Rich's Great Tree.

The stories of how a tree planted by a family years earlier became the Great Tree at Rich's years later was as integral to Atlanta's Thanksgiving tradition as the singing of "O Holy Night" right before the tree was lit up for its moment to shine.

Each Great Tree had its own character and its own story.

Macy's, the heir of this Atlanta annual holiday tradition, has unfortunately decided to close the book on the storied Great Tree.

With a simple, unassuming announcement, Macy's proclaimed that the 2013 Great Tree would be the 2013 fake tree.

"A new tradition will begin this year as Macy’s lights a more ecologically friendly reusable tree manufactured by Atlanta-based Christmas Lights, Etc.," the announcement read.

And with that, Macy's closed the book on sixty-five years of real trees and their real stories.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

All who have marveled and delighted at the Rich's Great Tree over the decades can send a simple message to Macy's -- a fake tree is not a Great Tree.

Replacing a real tree with an artificial tree is a dishonor and a disgrace to this distinct Atlanta tradition.

Tell Macy's to do right by Atlanta, and keep a great, real tree atop its store at Lenox Square.