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23 November 2013

Senator Isakson to Deliver Keynote Address at 69th Annual State Youth Assembly

The Georgia Center for Civic Engagement, a program of the State YMCA of Georgia, is gearing up for the 69th annual Youth Assembly.

Simply put, the Youth Assembly is a mock legislature featuring high school students from across Georgia that introduces, debates, and passes bills that address current issues facing the state. The Youth Assembly lasts for three days at the State Capitol in Atlanta, and includes meetings with elected officials and other state administrators.

Citing the recent Atlanta municipal elections, where slightly more than ten percent of registered voters actually cast a ballot, the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement says Georgia and the United States is suffering from a civic literacy crisis. Georgia Youth Assembly organizers say their program helps to address that crisis by providing opportunities for teens to gain self-esteem and leadership skills while experiencing government in exciting ways that builds a sense of civic responsibility that last into adulthood.

The 300-plus students participating in the 2013 Georgia Youth Assembly will hear from United States Senator Johnny Isakson (R - Georgia) on the second day of their conference.

Isakson, who attended the Youth Assembly as a press representative 51 years ago, will be the keynote speaker at the 2013 Youth Governor’s luncheon held on Monday, 25 November. Senator Isakson is slated to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award.