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24 November 2013

Georgia Unfiltered Exclusive: Proposed City of South Fulton Map Unveiled

In October, Georgia Unfiltered first reported a new effort to create a new city in unincorporated south Fulton County [Walker, Andre (9 October 2013). State Representative Preparing New City of South Fulton Bill for 2014 Legislative Session. Georgia Unfiltered. Retrieved on 24 November 2013.].

The new push for cityhood is being led by state Representative Roger Bruce (D - Atlanta), who told Georgia Unfiltered he's drafting the legislation to allow unincorporated south Fulton voters another opportunity to form a new city; the City of South Fulton.

"The legislation is still a work in progess," Bruce said. "It should be ready in a few weeks. It will be introduced in January."

While the City of South Fulton bill is unfinished, the ink appears to be dry on the proposed South Fulton City Council maps.

Georgia Unfiltered has obtained a copy of the proposed maps, which features seven city council districts (shown below). With an estimated population of 87,628, each proposed City of South Fulton council district would contain roughly 12,518 people.

Six years ago, unincorporated south Fulton County was asked if they wanted to become the City of South Fulton. The answer was a loud no, with 85% rejecting the proposed city.

This time, pro-city supporters hope the 2014 referendum results will be different.

Proposed City of South Fulton Map