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02 October 2013

Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare & His Constituents Actually Think They Have Some Power

Bless their little hearts.

Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare and his constituents actually think they have some power.

You would think they might have learned how much power they truly have after state legislators put the kibosh on a hotel/motel tax increase the Douglas County Commission wanted [Spigolon, Tom (2 April 2013). Assembly fails to approve Douglas County hotel-motel tax hike, 911 privacy bills. Douglas Neighbor. Retrived on 1 October 2013.].

Commissioner Mike Mulcare and his constituents must have realized their lack of political clout when those same state legislators started pushing through changes to the Douglas County Board of Elections, over the objections of the Douglas County Commission [Daniel, Ron (7 March 2013). Democrats take aim on elections board. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 1 October 2013.].

Commissioner Mulcare and his constituents must be slow learners, because once again they're trying to flex some political muscle they don't have.

You see, the folks in Douglas County are upset. They are mean-mugging Fulton County from across the Chattahoochee River after an international festival called Tomorrowworld got a little too loud for Douglas County citizens.

Douglas County residents Carol Brady, Tracy Cruce, and Redia Donaldson recently told the Douglas County Sentinel, "they were chomping at the bit to get in touch with state legislators and other government officials to see what can be done" [Daniel, Ron (1 October 2013). The ‘war next door': Residents upset with TomorrowWorld noise. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 1 October 2013.].

Brady, Cruce, and Donaldson might want to check a map out. Their state legislators --Sharon Beasley-Teague, Donzella James, Roger Bruce, and LaDawn Blackett Jones-- all live in Fulton County, and received the bulk of their votes from Fulton County residents.

Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare says he's planning town hall meetings and drafting a resolution urging Fulton County to reign in Tomorrowworld.

With all due respect to the illustrious commissioner from Douglas County, that resolution isn't worth the paper it's printed on. A dozen, hot, glazed Krispy Kreme donuts says the minute a Douglas County resolution about Tomorrowworld hits Fulton County, it'll be used to line the bottom of bird cages. Douglas County may allow others to dictate how things are run within their borders, but that's not how we do things here in Fulton County.

Fulton County just welcomed 140,000 people from around the world. There were only five arrests, and just seventeen medical incidents. That is nothing short of impressive; and everyone, from Fulton County government officials to Tomorrowworld officials, should be applauded for that accomplishment.

Given the successes of the inaugural Tomorrowworld festival, Fulton County and Tomorrowworld organizers should focus on making the event even better, and not bow to the newly formed Douglas County Complainer Caucus from across the river.