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12 October 2013

Douglas Co. Republican Wants Government to Trample on Tomorrowworld & Private Property Rights

Republican is a party label. Conservative is an ideology.

Not all conservatives are Republican, and not all Republicans are conservative.

Take Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare, for example. Mulcare was elected to public office as a Republican. However, his record strongly suggests that he is not a conservative.

Conservatives believe in lower taxes, less government, more freedom, and personal responsibility.

Flying in the face of conservative ideology, Mike Mulcare voted to raise taxes by nearly 24%, despite deep opposition to the tax increase by Douglas County residents [Daniel, Ron (23 July 2013). Commissioners vote to increase county property taxes by 23.74 percent. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 12 October 2013.].

Now Douglas County Republican Mike Mulcare wants to use government to trample on the private property rights of Carl Bouckaert.

(Carl Bouckaert surveys the Tomorrowworld construction on his property, Bouckaert's Farm. Image courtesy Tomorrowworld/ID&T)
Carl Bouckaert, pictured right, is the owner of Bouckaert's Farm. Last month, Bouckaert's Farm hosted 140,000 people from over seventy nations at an electronic dance music festival called Tomorrowworld.

Republican Mike Mulcare has authored a resolution that isn't very conservative. Mulcare's resolution, shown below, urges the government of Fulton County to force Carl Bouckaert to erect sound barriers on his property and require his guests to end their activities at 11PM.

Never mind that Mike Mulcare is attempting to infringe upon the home rule of Georgia's largest county, the Douglas County Republican wants government to take away the freedom of Carl Bouckaert to use his private property as he sees fit.

Tomorrowworld, the three-day electronic dance music festival held last month, was a legal event. Carl Bouckaert and the festival organizers obtained all the permits required by Fulton County to conduct their event. Tomorrowworld was not a strain on local law enforcement. It was not a nuisance to the residents of Georgia's largest county. Tomorrowworld provided jobs to many local residents and businesses. And it positively impacted the economy of the greater metropolitan Atlanta community.

Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare may be a Republican, but he's not a conservative.

The basic tenets of conservative ideology are lower taxes, less government, more freedom, and personal responsibility.

None of Mike Mulcare's recent actions suggests he believes in any of this.

Douglas County Tomorrowworld Resolution