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03 October 2013

Democrat Party Staffer Suggests Georgia Voters are Less Educated in Response to New Poll Results

A cardinal rule of politics is never insult the voters.

The voters will never put a candidate in office if they believe that candidate feels the people they seek to represent are beneath them.

It looks like a Georgia Democratic Party staffer has yet to learn that lesson, so it's time for this left-leaning politico to go back to school.

Liz Flowers, Executive Director of the Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus, had this to say in response to new poll numbers suggesting more Georgians blame the Democrats for the federal government shutdown:

"Good work. More concerned about the misinformed voting public on how government works. Maybe even more concerned that some elected Republicans don't understand how government works. Would be interested to see our state results against a state with a more highly educated electorate."

Flowers seems to suggest, with her comments, that Georgia voters are less educated than voters in other states.

If only Georgians were more highly educated, Flowers implies, they'd see the federal government shutdown is the fault of Republicans, not Democrats. If only Georgians were more highly educated, they'd realize ObamaCare is good for them.

This is why Democrats will continue to lose in Georgia. The Democratic Party and their staffers talk down to Georgia voters, instead of listening to them. The Democratic Party and their staffers believe Georgia voters are less educated; and that Georgians need the Democratic Party to come in and save Georgia voters from themselves, because the Democratic Party knows best.

And yet the Democrats wonder why Republicans find it so easy to portray them as out of touch.

Much to learn, the Democrats still have.