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15 October 2013

Commissioner Mulcare Tables Tomorrowworld Resolution at Douglas County Commission Meeting

After a week of being excoriated on Georgia Unfiltered, Commissioner Mike Mulcare was forced to publicly defend his proposed resolution on Tomorrowworld at the 15 October Douglas County Commission meeting.

"[The Resolution] does not attempt in the least to impose anything in terms of requests or ordinance change on our good neighbor in Fulton County," Mulcare told his colleagues. "It does not infringe on personal property rights, as it does not recommend or ask for any additional codes or ordinances."

Tomorrowworld was a three-day electronic dance music festival held in October on the private property of Carl Bouckaert, attracting 140,000 people from over seventy different nations. Festival organizers obtained all the permits required by Fulton County to conduct their event. Douglas County Commissioner Mike Mulcare has made curtailing the Tomorrowworld festival his cause célèbre, despite the event not being a strain on local law enforcement or a nuisance to the residents of Georgia's largest county -- Fulton County.

Tomorrowworld provided jobs to many local residents and businesses, and it also positively impacted the economy of the greater metropolitan Atlanta community.

A review of Mulcare's Tomorrowworld resolution shows the document does ask Fulton County to "require TomorrowWorld producers investigate, design and install a temporary but effective sound barrier to deflect the sound traveling into Douglas County."

In addition, Mulcare's resolution requests that "Fulton County at no time in the future allow additional events or days of operation for TomorrowWorld or similar production on this property or any other properties adjacent to Douglas County."

The effect of the language contained in Mulcare's Tomorrowworld resolution is to require Fulton County government to take away the freedom of Carl Bouckaert to use his private property as he sees fit.

Shortly after defending his Tomorrowworld resolution, Mulcare made a motion to table the resolution; meaning that the document did not come up for a vote before the full Douglas County Commission.