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17 September 2013

Time Magazine Covers Helps Erode Americans' Confidence in Mainstream Media

Earlier this year, Gallup released a poll suggesting that Americans' confidence in the news media was eroding.

"Americans' confidence in newspapers fell slightly to 23% this year, from 25% in 2012 and 28% in 2011.

Television news is tied with newspapers on the list, with 23% of Americans also expressing confidence in it. That is up slightly from the all-time low of 21% found last year
" [Mendes, Elizabeth (17 June 2013). Fewer than one in four Americans confident in newspapers, TV news. Gallup. Retrieved on 17 September 2013].

Another poll, conducted by the Pew Research Centers, said, "Two-thirds (67%) of Americans believe news reports are often inaccurate, and even greater percentages say that news organizations tend to favor one side (76%) and are often influenced by powerful people and organizations (75%)" [Amid Criticism, Support for Media’s ‘Watchdog’ Role Stands Out. Pew Research Centers. Retrieved on 17 September 2013.].

The covers of this month's Time Magazine is a good reason why Americans are very distrustful of the mainstream media.

On the left is the U.S. edition of Time Magazine, and on the right is the world edition.

It is as clear as day that an American media outlet is sanitizing information for the U.S. audience.

The world headline is, "America is weak and waffling, while Russia is rich and resurgent." The U.S. headline is, "It's time to pay college athletes."

It is difficult to instill trust in the media, when the media is giving the public two different stories.

In the age of the internet, where anyone can read news from around the world, it makes little sense to have one cover for the Americans and one cover for the world; unless the goal is to keep people in the dark as to the true nature of things.