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23 September 2013

Savannah Resident Shares Her Packing List for TomorrowWorld

The final countdown has started for TomorrowWorld; one of the world's largest electronic dance music (EDM) festivals.

Bouckaert's Farm, in Fairburn, will host an estimated 150,000 people over three days, starting Friday, 27 September. In addition, 30,000 EDM fans will pitch their tents onsite at Dreamville; the official TomorrowWorld campground.

Across the nation and around the globe, TomorrowWorld festival-goers are packing their bags and gathering last minute supplies before they begin their journey to Georgia later this week. Taylor Dove, a Savannah resident who is coming to TomorrowWorld with her boyfriend, shared her packing list with Georgia Unfiltered.

"This list has been condensed and tweaked," Dove told Georgia Unfiltered. "Hopefully it's just enough to get you by and keep you comfy for all 5 days."

Dove's list includes all the essentials such as deodorant, sunscreen, and toiletries. Her list also features items people wouldn't normally think to bring with them to a music festival like jumper cables, walkie-talkies, and duct tape.

Taylor Dove tells Georgia Unfiltered she's big on being proactive and making sure to always be safe, not sorry.

"I went to my first festival, CounterPoint, last year," Dove said. "I went by myself and had no idea what to expect. I literally drove up with my station wagon packed full. I had everything I needed for all 3 days and more.

"I was able to help neighbors, new friends, and people who were wearing thin on energy."

Below is Taylor Dove's Packing List for TomorrowWorld:

Packing List for TomorrowWorld