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24 September 2013

Larry's Beverage Outlet, in Union City, Offering Specials for TomorrowWorld Weekend

Larry's Beverage Outlet released its hours of operation for TomorrowWorld weekend.

Located just seven miles from the TomorrowWorld festival site, Larry's will be open Monday to Thursday, 8AM-11PM; Friday & Saturday, 8AM-11:45PM; and Sunday,

Larry's Beverage Outlet offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, and has a sale on for TomorrowWorld:

A thirty pack of Budweiser is available for $19.49;
Thirty packs of Miller and Coors are available for $19.99;
A twenty-four pack of Heineken is available for $15.99;
A thirty pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon is available for $16.59;
1.75L of Absolute Vodka is available for $29.99;
1.75L of Crown Royal is available for $44.99;
1.75L of Grey Goose Vodka is $49.99;
A half gallon of Belvedere is available for $56.99;
And a fifth of Belvedere is $29.99.

Also, the first 100 customers who mention "Georgia Unfiltered" will receive a free bag of ice.

Larry's Beverage Outlet is located at 4783 Jonesboro Rd., Union City, GA 30291.