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12 September 2013

Gun Control Group Backed By NYC Mayor Targets Saxby Chambliss in New Push for Background Checks

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the gun control group chaired by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, isn't letting its recent shortcomings in Colorado's recall elections deter them from their mission; enacting stricter gun control laws across the nation.

United States Senator Saxby Chambliss (R - Georgia) is the group's latest target, as they urge him to support background checks on all gun sales.

According to a press release issued Thursday afternoon, Mayors Against Illegal Guns will "deliver backpacks filled with signed postcards to the office of Senator Saxby Chambliss in Atlanta on Friday, calling on him to support comprehensive, life-saving background checks on all commercial gun sales."

"At the delivery, seven backpacks will be dropped to represent the seven children and young people who are murdered with guns every day in America, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns news release reads. "Every day, 33 Americans are murdered with guns in America— and seven of those are children. The backpack delivery is part of a national effort to continue raising awareness to the issue of gun violence in America—and most importantly, to urge Senator Chambliss and other elected officials to prioritize the safety of the people they represent."

The backpack delivery will happen at noon, Friday, after a brief press conference.

Founded in 2006, Mayors Against Illegal Guns recently suffered a setback after two Colorado state Senators were recalled from office after supporting gun control legislation supported by the group.

After the stinging defeat in Colorado, Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns told USA Today, "You should not expect us to back down an inch."