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26 August 2013

Podunk South Fulton Commissioner Touts New Traffic Light in Email to Constituents

Remember this dilly of a pickle from Fulton County Commmissioner Bill Edwards:

"Even if Liz Hausmann is doing a meeting up there in podunk north Fulton," Commissioner Bill Edwards told the AJC. "If I want to go, I’m going."

A lot of good things are happening up there in "podunk" north Fulton.

Taxes are low. Businesses like IBM, Cisco Systems, and UPS are employing thousands of people there. And quality of life in north Fulton is among the best in the state. That's not too bad for "podunk" north Fulton.

Meanwhile, back in Bill Edwards' district; in Bill Edwards' south Fulton, the biggest news is the installation of a traffic light.

Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

Good paying jobs from IBM and low taxes.


The installation of a traffic light.

Decide for yourselves which part of Fulton County is, as Bill Edwards says, "podunk."