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15 July 2013

New Poll Says the Atlanta #Braves are America's 3rd Favorite Baseball Team

Harris Interactive asked 2,210 adults to rank their favorite baseball team, and the Atlanta Braves were among America's top picks.

Among those who follow baseball, the New York Yankees again won the honor of being "America's Favorite," as they have each year since 2003. In the second spot on the list are their long time arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox, followed by the Atlanta Braves at number three; both of these teams' positions are unchanged from the last three times The Harris Poll asked this question.

Looking ahead to the end of the season, the highest percentages of baseball followers say the St. Louis Cardinals (14%), the New York Yankees (13%) and the Boston Red Sox (12%) will win the World Series, followed by the Detroit Tigers (10%) and the Atlanta Braves (8%).

Call me an eternal optimist, because I always believe the Braves will win the World Series until they don't.