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02 July 2013

Candidate for Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Voted in Republican Primary Eight Times

Former state Senator Doug Stoner announced that he's a candidate for Georgia Democratic Party chairman.

A press release issued 2 July says, "[Doug] Stoner has a long history with Democratic politics, helping to rebuild the Cobb Democratic Party during the 1990s."

Georgia Unfiltered has learned, through a review of public voting records, that Stoner voted in the Republican primary eight times, from 1988 to 2000.

In addition, Stoner ran as an independent in the 2000 election for state House, district 29. Stoner finished third behind Democrat Randy Sauder and Republican Ginger Collins.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Republicans courted Doug Stoner to switch parties in 2011 [Galloway, Jim (18 August 2011). Senate may have just created the most expensive legislative race in state history. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2 July 2013.]. Stoner remained a Democrat, and ended up losing to Republican Hunter Hill in the 2012 election.