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17 July 2013

Athens-Clarke County TEA Party Leader Under Investigation for Theft By Deception

Georgia Unfiltered has obtained a police report indicating that Athens-Clarke County TEA Party leader Keyantwon Stephens is currently under investigation due to allegations of theft by deception.

The ongoing investigation by Athens-Clarke County Police stems from a incident report filed by Crystal Wright, who says Stephens contacted her about speaking at event scheduled for 29 June 2013.

Wright runs the website, Conservative Black

Wright states, in the police report, that Stephens advised he was authorized by the Athens-Clarke County TEA Party Patriots to pay her $10,000 to speak at the Classic Center on 06/29/2013 to an approximate crowd of 2,500 attendees. The Classic Center boasts being home to a 2,000-plus seat theatre, along with other banquet and meeting halls designed to host large gatherings.

According to the report, the event was ultimately held at the Comfort Inn & Suites, and only seventy-five people attended.

When Wright inquired about her speaking fee, the incident report says, Stephens told her to set up a Pop Money account and the $10,000 plus $1,039.80 in expenses would be deposited in her account. Despite providing Stephens with the routing and account numbers from her bank, Crystal Wright does not indicate that she has ever received payment for speaking at the 29 June event.

Keyantwon Stephens, who is described as a 17-year-old black male in the report, announced his candidacy for Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia almost a month ago.

Below is the report filed with Athens-Clarke County Police. The case status is currently listed under "further investigation."

Keyantwon Stephens Police Report by Andre Walker