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04 June 2013

#TomorrowWorld Opens Its Book of Wisdom to Georgia Unfiltered for a Sneak Preview

TomorrowWorld, the massive electronic dance music festival that started in Belgium as TomorrowLand, is coming to Georgia this fall.

Thousands of EDM fans from around the world will converge on Bouckaert Farms in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia to hear their favorite DJs mix and match music for three days in September.

Georgia Unfiltered received an invitation from TomorrowWorld organizers to tour the festival site, and learn more about the planning.

(Construction crews moving dirt in place for the TomorrowWorld main stage. Photo by Andre Walker.)
Construction is already starting on the venues. Crews are moving in dirt (shown right) to begin laying the foundation for the various stages and platforms that will be part of the TomorrowWorld experience.

TomorrowWorld Operations Manager Sammy Lakwijk revealed that more than 300 artists and DJs are confirmed to appear at TomorrowWorld on nine different stages that utilizes the existing landscape of Bouckaert's Farm to create a unique experience. There will be stages built on the lakes that pepper Bouckaert's farm. Temporary bridges, built exclusively for TomorrowWorld will take festival goers to the different areas and different stages. And the main stage, Lakwijk said, will feature the theme of TomorrowWorld 2013 -- The Book of Wisdom.

TomorrowWorld's main stage will be modeled after the main stage at TomorrowLand 2012 (shown below).

Organizers say they're hoping to offer TomorrowWorld attendees something special, from the music all the way to Dreamville, the onsite campground.

The Dreamville site (pictured below) is sandwiched between one of the many lakes on Bouckaert's farm and the Chattahoochee River.

(The TomorrowWorld Dreamville camping site, as seen from the air. Aerial image by Google Earth.)

Dreamville is expected to hold 30,000 campers over five days.

An estimated 50,000 EDM fans will flock to TomorrowWorld each day for the festival, and planners say they are working with local officials to address all the logistical issues that come with hosting that many people in one centralized location.

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards says he and TomorrowWorld organizers have been meeting with local mayors weekly on traffic and security concerns.

"This didn't start yesterday," Edwards said. "It's been months of planning.

"We want everyone to be safe, have a good time, and board their planes back to their countries, talking about how great and hospitable we were here in south Fulton," Edwards continued.

Bruno Vanwelsenaers, Managing Director for the TomorrowLand festival in Belgium, said they're vision is to bring TomorrowWorld to Chattahoochee Hills and keep it in Chattahoochee Hills year after year.

"It's not our plan to move around," Vanwelsenaers told Georgia Unfiltered. "We chose this venue. We're very happy, and we're here to stay."