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20 June 2013

Robb Pitts Wants Fulton County to Lease the Newly Closed Union City Jail

Union City is preparing to close its jail today.

The south metro Atlanta municipality made the decision to shut the facility after Union City Comptroller Tarsha Calloway revealed the cost to run the jail would exceed revenues in 2013.

Even if cut staffing and other spending were cut, Calloway said, the jail would still run an operating deficit.

A review of the FY2013 budget adopted by the Union City City Council shows that the two funds connected with the municipality's jail, the correctional bureau fund and the jail authority fund, are $2,034,557 in the red. Union City also owes $13 million from building the jail.

It was announced, last month, due to the massive , the Union City jail would cease operations 20 June 2013.

Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts wants to keep the jail open though.

Pitts proposes Fulton County lease the jail from Union City in order to help the county comply with a federal judge's order that overcrowding be alleviated at the main Fulton County jail on Rice Street in Atlanta.

Pitts toured the Union City jail with Union City Mayor Pro Tempore Vince Williams and Fulton County Chief Jailer Mark Adger.

"After inspecting the Union City Jail with Mayor Pro Tempore Williams and Chief Adger, we all agreed that the jail is in great condition”, said Pitts. “Given the financial needs of Union City with respect to servicing the debt on the bonds that were issued to finance the jail and our own need for additional beds, I am hopeful that we can work out a mutually acceptable agreement with Union City."

The Union City jail is capable of housing 325 inmates. Interim Union City Manager Sonja Fillingame told local elected officials the jail's inmate population averages around thirty.

Once the Union City jail closes, offenders with state charges will be sent to the Fulton County jail. Violators of city ordinances, however, will simply be ticketed by Union City police and summoned to municipal court.