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30 June 2013

Georgia Democratic Party Flip Flops, Says White Male No Longer Required to be Chair

Facing criticism from the left and ridicule from the right, the Georgia Democratic Party changed its position that only a white male Democrat could be elected in the special election to fill the seat vacated by former Party chairman Mike Berlon.

In an email to the state Democratic committee, acting chairman Nikema Williams said, "As you are aware, I have been in regular contact with our local party leadership as well as national party leaders to help navigate our upcoming special election for party chair. After extensive consultation, I have decided to open this election to any Democrat who chooses to run for the position. I believe that an open election is more consistent with our fundamental belief of full participation in the political process."

This decision by Williams marks a great departure from her 20 June email, where she proclaimed, "any white male Democrat is eligible to run" is eligible to run in the special chairman election [Galloway, Jim (21 June 2013). The strategic sense behind the Democratic mandate for a white, male chairman. Political Insider. Retrieved on 30 June 2013.].

During the debate over ObamaCare, Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings famously said, "There are no rules, we make 'em up as we go along."

Apparently so.