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12 June 2013

Georgia Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair May Be Forced Out of Job if Mary Squires Becomes Chair

The Democratic Party of Georgia is facing major upheaval these days.

The Party's Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report for the period beginning 1 April 2013 and ending 30 April 2013 showed the organization with just $30,734.18 cash on hand and a large credit card bill totaling nearly $11,000. Former Party leader Mike Berlon resigned after a media firestorm concerning his law practice, leaving First Vice-Chair Nikema Williams at the helm until a special election can be held.

Now, an analysis of Georgia Democratic Party rules suggests Williams may be forced out of her job as First Vice-Chair if a female is elected Party chairman.

The Charter of the Democratic Party of Georgia states that, "The First Vice-Chair shall be of the opposite gender to the State Chair."

In layman's terms, if the Democratic Party of Georgia chairman is a male, then the First Vice-Chair must be a female. If the Democratic Party of Georgia chairman is a female, then the First Vice-Chair must be a male.

Mike Berlon's resignation started a process; a process that ends with a special election of a new Party chair to fill out the remainder of Berlon's term.

Former state Senator Mary Squires announced she's running for Democratic Party of Georgia chairman. Squires is the only announced candidate, thus far.

If Squires wins, Party rules say the First Vice-Chair shall be a man, leaving current First Vice-Chair Nikema Williams (a woman) out of a job.