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21 May 2013

The Democratic Party of Georgia Reports Having $18K in Debt and a $10K Credit Card Bill

Monday, the Democratic Party of Georgia filed its Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report for the period beginning 1 April 2013 and ending 30 April 2013.

On this report, the state Democratic Party reported raising $83,643.02 and spending $73,842.64, leaving the organization with $30,734.18 cash on hand.

However, the Georgia Democratic Party also said they owe $18,661.32. Part of that eighteen thousand dollar debt comes from a credit card bill that totals $10,663.82. This credit card debt can be found of page 39 of the Democrats' FEC report.

Last month, Georgia Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon said, "I’m in the nonprofit business. I’m not interested in banking as much money as I possibly can."

If the Democrats' FEC reports are any indication, Berlon appears to be wholly interest in spending as much money as he possibly can.