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28 May 2013

ResignationWatch: #GaDems 10th Congressional District Chair Asks Stacey Abrams to Demand Berlon Quit

We are still here on resignation watch here at Georgia Unfiltered.

Mike Berlon, embattled chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, has not resigned . . .

. . . Yet.

But the number of Democrat insiders calling for his resignation are steadily growing. It is becoming evident that Mike Berlon cannot continue leading the Georgia Democratic Party, with many activists expressing little or no confidence in his leadership.

Monday, Patsy Harris sent an email to the state Democratic executive committee urging her colleagues to call on Democrat elected officials to ask Mike Berlon to quit.

Harris currently serves as the Georgia Democratic Party's 10th congressional district chair. She also is a member of the state Democratic executive committee.

Georgia Unfiltered obtained a copy of Harris' email (shown below in its entirety), which also was sent to House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams.