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09 May 2013

Remember When ABC Published a Magazine Just for Their Soap Operas? #ThrowbackThursday

When I was younger, my mother told me to watch the ABC soaps and tell her what happened each day. Because of that, I used to come home from school and watch both All My Children and General Hospital.

I knew all the story lines from these two soaps -- Erica Kane and all her men on All My Children; Anna and Robert on General Hospital; Janet throwing Natalie down the well; all good times and good viewing.

At one point in time, ABC published a magazine called "Episodes." My mom had a subscription. I kept a lot of the issues that came in the mail, including the one pictured above.

I had the biggest crush on Kimberly McCullough (pictured above, right), who plays Robin Scorpio on General Hospital. My loyalties lie with All My Children though. And I am so glad they're back.