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14 May 2013

Rec'd Reading: Albany Herald & Augusta Chronicle Editorial Boards Condemn IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

"Sometimes people who are dismissed as being paranoid have good reason to be paranoid.."

That's how the Albany Herald Editorial Board opens its column condemning the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.

"Outrageous," is how the Augusta Chronicle describes the actions of the IRS.

The IRS is the most feared and formidable government agency many of us will ever brush up against.

The thought of such a potent bureau having a nefarious agenda – political, for instance – truly is frightening. In another country, in another form of government, led by men of few scruples, such a power could be used to cripple perceived enemies.

The IRS actually admitted last week that some of its agents last year illegally targeted conservative groups that were attempting to achieve official nonprofit status [ . . . ] the thought of using the awesome power of the IRS to torment someone because of his or her political beliefs is scary – and contrary to every notion of freedom this nation was founded upon.

We . . . would like a thorough investigation of this matter. This is too serious an offense for an even sincere apology to suffice.

Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff (13 May 2013). Beyond an apology. Augusta Chronicle. Retrieved on 14 May 2013.

For the IRS to target conservative groups, it only breeds distrust in government, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But, as the Albany Herald correctly notes, the IRS targeting conservatives festers conspiracy theories. These "nuts" didn't get paranoid of the government on their own. Something, like the IRS targeting political groups, created that paranoia.