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13 May 2013

Pardon the Poor English, But DPG chairman Mike Berlon Ain't Got No Business Talking About Fulton County Politics

This weekend, Georgia Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon made another vain attempt to demonstrate his political relevancy by commenting on the efforts to reform Fulton County.

Responding to questions about the Fulton County reform bills recently signed into law by Governor Deal, Berlon said, "None of this is about making Fulton government better. This is about taking over Fulton County" [Barrow, Bill (11 May 2013). GOP legislators use power to control local affairs. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 13 May 2013.].

Pardon the poor English, folks, but Mike Berlon ain't go no business talking about Fulton County politics.

Mike Berlon is supposed to the chief fundraiser for his party, but the Democratic Party of Georgia is down to its last $20,000. I've got more money than the Democratic Party of Georgia, and I'm just a poor black man trying to make it in Atlanta.

Every statewide elected official in Georgia is a Republican, in spite of Mike Berlon's best efforts (and I say that with a tinge of sarcasm in my tone). Every elected official in Mike Berlon's home county, Gwinnett County, is a Republican and has been so for quite a while, dating back to the time when Berlon was chair of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party.

And yet, Berlon has the temerity to talk about Fulton County. When the Democratic Party of Georgia has more money than the fry chef at McDonald's; when the Democratic Party of Georgia has more elected officials than I have Facebook friends, then Mike Berlon can register an opinion about Fulton County politics. Until then, Berlon can do as The Rock says:

Know your role, and shut your mouth.