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31 May 2013

One for the Road . . . ResignationWatch: Here's a Sample "I Quit" Letter for Mike Berlon to Sign

Georgia Unfiltered is ready to be relieved of its ResignationWatch duties.

For nine days, beginning 20 May 2013, story after story appeared here on this very website that ultimately led embattled Georgia Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon to say, "I quit."

In a statement released to the press Wednesday, Berlon said he's "prepared to step down from his leadership role in the party."

"The details of my resignation will need to be worked out over the next few days and weeks. I want to talk to my staff and the leadership of our party to ensure a smooth transition. There is a great deal at stake," said Berlon.

People are now questioning what exactly Mike Berlon means when he says he is prepared to step down and the details his resignation will need to be worked out over the next few days and weeks.

What details must Mike Berlon work out in order to resign?

There's no severance package to be negotiated. The office of chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia is an unpaid position. Plus, and pardon the poor English, the Georgia Democratic Party ain't got no money to be paying nobody.

Does Mike Berlon want the state Democratic Party to bestow him with a token of their esteem?

That might involve some torches, pitchforks, a rope, and a very strong tree.

Plain and simple, there are no details to work out. One does not "prepare to step down." Either resign or don't.

No equivocating. No stipulations. No preparations. No provisions. Resign or don't. It's that easy.

Georgia Unfiltered is a benevolent blog. Help is given here, when needed. And so, in keeping with that benevolence, below is a sample resignation letter. All Mike Berlon needs to do is sign it and print it.