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17 May 2013

Here's a Story About How the Christian Coalition Got Me to Endorse Alex Johnson for Georgia GOP Chairman

I'm a delegate to the Georgia state Republican convention in Athens this weekend.

At this convention, Republican Party delegates from across this great state will pick a successor to Chairman Sue Everhart.

There are four individuals running: B.J. Van Gundy, Seth Harp, Alex Johnson, and John Padgett.

As a delegate to this convention, I've received direct mail pieces, robo-calls, emails, and all other sorts of communication designed to curry my favor and gain my vote. I've read all the letters, read all the emails, and listened to all the robo-calls. I was truly undecided . . .

. . . Until last night.

Last night, I received an email from the Georgia Christian Coalition. It seems the Christian Coalition sent a questionnaire to the four candidates for Georgia Republican Party Chairman. Last night, the Christian Coalition released the candidates' questionnaire responses.

As I said before, until I received that questionnaire, I was undecided on which candidate to support. Then I saw this query:

"Would you encourage candidates who are openly GLBT to run as a Republican?"

B.J. Van Gundy and Seth Harp both said no. John Padgett provided no answer. Alex Johnson said, "No -- I would not encourage anyone to run as Republican based on their sexual orientation, but based on their policies and platform."

For me, there was only one correct answer to the question of whether open members of the GLBT community should be encouraged to run on the Republican ticket. Alex Johnson gave the right answer, and he has my support.

Less government, lower taxes, more freedom -- these are the principles of the GOP. If any candidate, gay or straight, believes in these three conservative principles, then they should be encouraged to run and make their case to the voters.

I don't care if a Republican candidate for office is gay, so long as they believe in reducing the size of government, keeping taxes low, and promoting freedom at home and abroad. There are plenty of straight Republicans in office right now who are just as bad as the Democrats.

Gay or straight doesn't bother me. Big government bothers me. Higher taxes bother me. And less freedom bothers me.